Kee Botanicals Cocoa Kissed Body Whip
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Ideal for sensitive skin, a natural, moisture-rich body whip that contains coconut oil and other organic ingredients to moisturize, sooth and protect your skin. This body whip is rich in emollients and is readily absorbed by your skin. Apply it gently and sparingly from head to toe. Cocoa Kissed Body Whip is fragrance-free but has a light chocolate scent from the natural prime pressed cocoa butter. It contains: purified water, cocoa butter (natural prime pressed), avocado butter, coconut oil and other natural plant oils including argan oil, calendula oil, and evening primrose oil, emulsifying wax (vegetable), palm stearic acid, and Linatural (a naturally derived preservative).

4 fl. oz.

Made in U.S.A.

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Cocoa Kissed Body Whip

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